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10000 steps tasmania

Walking with Attitude's turnkey 10,000 Steps Tasmania workplace challenge works because...

It’s ready when you are

It's a completely on-demand, fully-interactive, team-based walking challenge.
Once you’ve created your workplace account, you select a ‘start date’ and within minutes you can send out your first invite to your entire workplace to join the challenge. 10,000 Steps Tasmania can sit perfectly with your existing workplace wellness provider or be a stand alone program.

It’s simple

Walking, well almost everyone can do it.

With the help of the G-Sensor pocket pedometer (or Fitbit, Garmin or Misfit trackers), every participant can easily track their daily activity and log their steps online in minutes. No messy manual logging or Excel spreadsheets, just fun goal setting/tracking tools and a walking challenge that's one of the best on the web.

It fits every body

[challengeTame] is the ultimate team adventure. We’ve created a balance between ‘team spirit’ and the needs of the individual, supporting and encouraging the sedentary to your most active staff members.

It gives you choice (as a Coordinator)

  • Team sizes 5 or 7 – you choose the team size that fits best for your workplace.
  • Start date – you choose the start date. The challenge is ready when you are!
  • Logging of steps and other activity – you choose to allow tracking of activity minutes such as cycling, swimming and many more activities, or keep it strictly as an all-day pedometer step challenge.
  • Offline/remote worksites - You have the ability to manage offline team members fast and effectively. At last all your worksites can enjoy a workplace step challenge!

It’s affordable

All the bells and whistles without the executive price tag, you’ll find is one of the most cost-effective and affordable pedometer workplace challenges available. You don’t have to be a corporate giant or have a big budget. Nor do you have to compromise on your employee interaction or user experience.

It’s smart

We know you're busy, so we've designed the 10,000 Steps Tasmania workplace challenge as a ready-to-go, turnkey solution. We've created the ultimate experience, not only for the user but also for you, the coordinator. We give you everything you need to promote, manage and achieve a successful workplace challenge. From marketing materials and an implementation action plan, to real time reports and participant stats, it's a complete package, because we know you have other things on your plate.